Royal Living and Royal Shopping Tour

We hope to share our Royal enthusiasm with you in The Royal Living and Royal Shopping walking tour of London.  To celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, join us on a stroll through the Royal residences and Royal shops of Westminster.  Her Majesty has politely requested for the absence of any official ceremony marking her record-breaking reign, in respect to her great-great-grandmother and predecessor, but we can not help being a little excited.  We hope to not only celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, but also the reigns of the monarchs who came before.  With Royal weddings and Royal births still fresh in our minds as well, we hope to celebrate the British Monarchy, its fascinating history and the city in which it has called its home for centuries.

The City of Westminster boasts several sites that have been and still are home to the Royals, all within walking distance to one another.  From the capacious Tudor Palace of Whitehall to the more modest beginnings of Buckingham Palace, your Insider guide will walk you through an area which is full of beautiful Royal residences and stately homes, rubbing shoulders with the fashionable Piccadilly shopping district.  Once a land of fields, Piccadilly Road being but a country road, it soon became, from the influence of the fashionable gentry moving in, the place for tailors, clubs and the earliest forms of ‘window-shopping’.  With a considerable amount of the shops in Piccadilly bearing at least one Royal warrant, the quintessential British style is upheld in the shops which still serve the monarchy today.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote that St. James’s Street is ‘the very centre of the world’ in his work Rodney Stone, and it still upholds this claim.  With St. James’s Palace at its base, the street extends into Piccadilly still adorned with the numerous gentlemen’s clubs and its illustrious assembly rooms where the upper classes would spend their time drinking, gambling and socialising.


  1. Westminster Station